With years working as a travel agent and helping a lot of customers to find the right types of accommodation with unforgettable experiences. Yuri Hatano felt she could bring her experience to the Asian market specifically to help Japanese students and the Japanese community get a perfect homestay that is affordable and could suit their needs. So, Homestay Access was established out of a passion to render help to students from the Asian Pacific regions and to give them the opportunity to stay abroad and have an impeccable experience.

We started the business in a small office and in the year 2011, we moved to our current location, Beacon Hill, NSW, and settled centrally in the beautiful northern beaches. With intellectual sagacity and intelligent business planning as key, the business expanded extraordinarily, and as a result, we were able to extend our services to students from various countries of the world with diverse backgrounds.

Our core philosophy is to consistently connect international students to hosts who respect the ethics of the business and provide accommodation that is of the highest standard. We work tirelessly in order to help students get more settled than their peers who stay in hostels.

Our highly skilled and experienced staff will accurately determine your specific accommodation needs even before your arrival in Australia as well as provide students with affordable options for homestay.