HSA – Homestay Access is a family oriented agency and facilitator of trained homestay hosts that are committed to offering safe, comfortable and welcoming environment to International students, groups and tourists. We are dedicated to helping you to create lifelong memories during your stay in Australia.

Find out why hosting is such a rewarding experience and the numerous benefits derivable from cultural exchange, student interactions, tourists, and interns.

Grab the opportunity of staying with one of our wonderful hosts by immersing yourself into Australian society to get integrated into local cultures. Our hosts are reputable and well located.

We cater for all groups of international students with short to long term stay and our homestay hosts provide safety, security with facilities that will suit the diverse needs of students.

We work with agents all over the globe who are trained to provide quality family-based accommodation and professional assistance to suit your homestay search.


A customised homestay management system

We have developed an excellent student and host matching system that is integrated with a preference based matching process to ensure optimum compatibility between students and their hosts.


We are a homestay facilitator helping students, interns, and tourists to connect with the highest quality family-based accommodation providers in Australia.

As a dependable homestay network provider with the responsibility to deliver excellence, we uphold the highest standards in screening properties for sustainability, and our hosts pass through rigorous training to ensure that all the needs of the students are met in addition to providing the highest standards in security and accommodation.

Guardianship for Students

We specialise in finding hosts for students under the age of eighteen who have placement in local schools with proximity consideration of 45mins maximum from the place of learning.

Our expertise helps to facilitate early arrival for the student to avoid catching multiple transfers and possibly missing buses or trains. We endeavour to find a host family with a location that is a single line of transport to and from school.

Our Happy Clients

Morgan Family

Homestay is an unbelievable learning experience for both of us as well as the students. We love to help the students in their English over the family dinner. Most of the students embrace the “Aussie “ culture and enjoy our lifestyle. I cook a variety of different cuisine (Italian, Australian, Chinese, Mexican) for our students to enjoy.

Kelly Family

We enjoy having students for homestay as we like meeting young people who are practising their English and have another culture as it opens our minds. We also enjoy showing them where we live, the beautiful Northern beaches and taking them to the beach, markets and show views of the harbour.

Wall Family

We have been hosting Homestay students for 16 years now. It has always been an enjoyable experience because the girls we host are always lovely and well mannered. Our daughter who is 9 years old always loves entertaining them.