About Us


We are a homestay facilitator helping students, interns, and tourists to connect with the highest quality family-based accommodation providers in Australia.

As a dependable homestay network provider with the responsibility to deliver excellence, we uphold the highest standards in screening properties for sustainability, and our hosts pass through rigorous training to ensure that all the needs of the students are met in addition to providing the highest standards in security and accommodation.

At Homestay Access, we believe that homestay is more than a place to eat and pass the night – we give students the opportunity to develop a lasting relationship and connect with friendly, compassionate and accommodative hosts. Students and their hosts could learn from each other and probably exchange interests that could strengthen the possibility of academic success and integration into Australian society.

We are committed to giving the best possible experience to students from the Asian Pacific regions and other international locations with our valued and trustworthy Homestay hosts. We have built a strong bond with them over the past 18 years and are continuing to grow our relationships.

With a business anchored on integrity and centred around customer satisfaction, we have successfully hosted international students from all over the world including those from Japan, Korean, Indonesia, Thai, China, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, and African countries.

Get your homestay search off to a good start by using our massive database of accommodation providers for individuals and over 200 students school group tours. We have over 1,000 registered homestay hosts in various locations, such as North Shore, Northern Beaches, North West, Inner and Outer West and other suburbs around Sydney.

Our Vision

Homestay Access aims to be the most preferred service provider in the Australian homestay industry that gives students an enabling environment and peace of mind to build a strong foundation for academic excellence.

Our Mission

To develop the capability, competence, network and latest technology that will make your homestay period an amazing experience. We use a standard operating procedure that delivers services with speed and efficiency at all times while respecting the diverse cultural backgrounds of students and tourists.

Our Director

As the owner of the company, Yuri Hatano works with knowledgeable and certified members of staff to ensure each job is completed with all needed expertise. She puts her heart and soul into maintaining an impeccable record and to successfully place students with compatible families.

What We Do

There is a high demand for affordable student accommodation close to Sydney’s major educational hubs and students from the Asian Pacific regions find it extremely difficult getting a perfect homestay that could suit their needs. Therefore we stay in the gap by matching the right hosts with the right students coming from the Asian Pacific regions and other parts of the world.

We deliver these three excellent support services.

Homestay for students

We work directly with agents based both in Australia and throughout Asia to provide the best host families available. A higher percentage of our international agents are based in Sydney. Therefore, we can find placement within Sydney very easily and successfully. Before registering our host families as members of our network, we arrange a house visit to conduct a thorough inspection of the facilities, and also explain, discuss and provide face to face training to be acquainted with their responsibility as host families in accordance with international best standards. Additionally, we also help to secure accommodation for high school or university students from one night to many years.

Localised support

Our goals are to connect students with their hosts and to offer localised support using advanced technology and a 24/7 hotline so that students from the Asian Pacific regions and other countries in the world are able to settle down without difficulties, focus on their academics activities and enjoy the unique Australian lifestyle.

Why we offer this Unique Service?

The establishment of this company comes from an undying passion from Yuri Hatano, who loves to see people coming to Australia to experience the beautiful country and society that she has come to love and call her home. With a vast diversity of culture, language and people of different backgrounds that make up the Australian students body, it’s difficult to find a perfect homestay for students. However, Yuri Hatano enjoys interacting with students and working with families to help them find students for a shared cultural experience. Though it is hard and rewarding work, interestingly, the staff at Homestay Access believes that being a host is the most significant experience for Australians to enjoy the richness of other cultures and customs. And we are dedicated to using our platform in spreading the good news about Australia – because Australians are the friendliest, most welcoming people you will ever meet, and students could get the chance to learn English in the most natural way with local families.