FAQS ホストに関する

Are Homestay payments considered assessable income by the ATO?
What if the guest wishes to smoke?
HSA – Homestay Access will not assign a smoker if your application states. So be clear when answering this question.
What if I have problems with the guest?
We encourage the student and family to resolve any issue as soon as possible, open discourse is encouraged. For some students, it may not be culturally accepted and the host may need to gain some understanding of the cultural differences.
If you have ongoing issues, please contact us and we are more than happy to help in any way.
What happens once I submit my Host Application?
We will review your application and upon approval contact you for an in house interview to complete the WWC – Working with Children Check. Once all goes well, you are able to host students on an ongoing basis thereafter.
What meals are included in Standard Homestay?
All meals (except weekday lunch).
Do I need a background check to host for Homestay Access?
Hosting students under the age of 18 does fall under the Children’s and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998, NSW. It is a legal obligation for HSA – Homestay Access to conducts these checks and remain compliant as a service provider.
What if a guest alleges inappropriate and/or unacceptable behaviour?
We take the minimum following actions, as recommended by the NSW Department of Community Services: The host is required to refund any accommodation prepayments made by the student or Homestay Access; Investigate the matter. If there is any substance to the allegations, Homestay Access will pass its report to the appropriate agencies depending on the student’s age.
In addition to these actions Homestay Access may, at its sole discretion and without recourse to Homestay Access and the student, remove the student from the host’s premises immediately.
Can I access the guest’s bedroom at any time?
The student’s room is private and should not be entered without permission or knocking on the door. Excessive requests to enter the student’s room will be considered a breach of privacy.
What about housework?
Guest are required to help with house chores and we encourage the students to participate as a family member. This may be a new adjustment for the student, so patience may be required and they may need to be taught.
Do I need specific Host Liability Insurance?
It’s a good idea to contact your insurer and discuss those options.
How much notice is the guest required to provide me when leaving?
2 weeks.
Will I provide house keys to the guest?
Will the guest be able to access the telephone and internet?
Children may be required to arrange internet and phone access at their own expense. They may purchase a calling card for making calls overseas.
Some host families include internet this is all negotiated during the application process.